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Our Story

It all started with our sister company, nzwinehome, and the need for an eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solution to replace harmful polystyrene.

After more than 15 years of helping NZ wine producers deliver their wines to consumers around the world, we became increasingly discouraged with the limited options of polystyrene & plastic to protect wines in transit.

Committed to doing the right thing for our fragile ecosystem, we set out to find a better way to safeguard the bottles from breakage and provide protection from hot and cold temperatures along the way.

Getting social.

Customers across the world love our eco-shipping packaging, and we're delighted to see it evolve into the wool hero eco-thermo wine guard for everyday use, anytime & anywhere.

Join the journey on social media - and share your wine adventures with us! 


I was delighted to receive the bottles in a cardboard carton, each bottle inserted into those cute, quintessentially Kiwi woolen sleeves

We thought the padding of the wine box was outstanding. Thank you for your commitment to finding a viable alternative to polystyrene.

I am very impressed and delighted to see your packaging as eco friendly. I appreciate that and hope more people can follow the cause. 

Well done on your eco packaging.
I no longer want to buy wine from NZ if it comes in polystyrene.