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wool hero - original branding


The original wool hero eco-thermo wine guard for retail & resale. 

Handmade right here in New Zealand, wool hero is quintessentially kiwi, and is the perfect way to demonstrate your company's planet-friendly philosophy.

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Minimum quantity:  10 units
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**Merchandise stands are available for orders over 25 units. (see images)
Crafted locally from stained pine, these T-bar wool hero stands provide a striking display for wool hero within your retail or accessory departments. 

See full price sheet.

 Payment and Delivery

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Once your order is complete, we will endeavour to ship your wool hero's via Post Haste courier within 2-3 business days.


-100% recycled New Zealand sheep wool
-Durable jute handle
-Natural leather tag


Recycled, reusable, and 100% eco-friendly, wool hero is the naturally better choice for you, your precious wine and our environment. 


Wool hero snugly carries 750ml wine bottles of all shapes and sizes - white wine, red wine, rosé and sparkling. 

Measures 36.5cm long x 17cm wide. (not including handle)